From The Monitor, May 1963, page 3

On Sunday, May 19th, St. Joseph’s Parish, Merasheen was struck a heavy blow when the parish boat was lost. Fortunately, no lives were lost in the mishap. However, as far as the parish is concerned, the sinking of the boat is a great misfortune.

The accident occurred, while the boat was returning to Merasheen from Port Royal. Aboard at the time were Rev. Donald Myron and Ignatius Cochrane. Father Myron was attending the parish that Sunday, in the absence of Rev. Philip J Lewis, the parish priest. Both Father Myron and Mr. Cochrane managed to reach shore in the life boat after the parish boat  struck a reef, and began to sink.

Efforts made by the fisherman at Merasheen to recover the boat Sunday evening and Monday were of no avail. The help of a diver was procured through the kindness of Fishery Products Limited that Burin, but all attempts even by this means were unsuccessful. Father Lewis and his parishioners have not given up hope yet that their efforts will bear fruit. However, each succeeding day the chances grow dimmer.

Merasheen Parish consists of Merasheen, Red Island and Port Royal. With the parish boat, all three communities can be served with ease by the parish priest, even to the extent of having Sunday mass every week in each mission. However, without the boat this would be impossible except on rare occasions when the weather is ideal for traveling.

The route traversed by the parish priest each Sunday is across the head of Merasheen Island, recognized by all as the roughest stretch of water in Placentia Bay. When a Southwester is blowing, and this is most of the time, the nearest lee shore is South America. Thus a good seaworthy boat is required and this boat proved to be just that.


Fail To Salvage Parish Boat

From The Monitor, June 1963, page 3

All efforts to date to raise the parish boat of Merasheen, have so far been unsuccessful. However, hope is still held that future attempts will succeed.

As the readers are aware, the parish boat of Merasheen was lost on May 19th while crossing the head of Merasheen. Two attempts by divers to strap and raise the wreck ended in failure. Further tries by the people of the parish have also been in vain. At times success was almost within reach only to be snatched away at the last moment. Strong tides and incessant winds in the area have made the salvage operation very difficult. This is normal weather conditions in this part of Placentia Bay.

As Merasheen is only a small parish, the financial loss suffered as a result of the sinking of the boat is grave. However, many friends of the parish are coming to its aid and it is hoped to replace the lost boa through their generosity.


Additional information:

The boat's name was the Metaphor.

Rod Pomroy: "I remember the evening quite well. It was a perfectly calm evening. Nish Cochrane was in charge of the boat, they were returning from Red Island. Nish was down in the engine room checking the engine and left Fr. Myron at the wheel. He apparently was reading a book and ran the boat ashore on the Point of Merasheen. Nish and Fr. Myron rowed from the Point of Merasheen to the Scrape Cove. From there they walked to the harbour. Fergus Pomroy went to the Point of Merasheen in his longliner and took the boat in tow. He got her as far as the Big Bald Head where she filled with water and sank. A deep sea diver came down from Burin but due to the current he couldn’t get a strap around her. So I guess by now there are pieces of her on top of the Big Bald Head."

Ernie Walsh: "From The Telegram, Saturday 04, 2021 the Obituary of Donald Patrick Myron, born 11 March 1939 - Passed away peacefully in St. John's, NL, 01 September 2021 at the age of 82, surrounded by family. Married for 47 years to Bridie Bruce."

Don Myron was a resident of St. John's, educated at St. Bin's. After leaving the priesthood, he worked at the Worker's Compensation Commission in the Rehabilitation Department.