From: The Monitor, November, 1967, page 12.

Merasheen Couple Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. William Pomroy of Merasheen observed the 50th anniversary of their wedding on August 22nd, surrounded by all their eleven children and most of their sixty-five grandchildren. Highlight of the celebration was the Mass, offered by their priest son Fr. William Pomroy, assistant at St. Michaels, Bell Island. Present with the family were their two daughters, members of the Mercy congregation, Sister Mary Petrina, R.N. of St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital and Sister Mary Cecilia of the staff of Holy Heart of Mary Regional High School, St. John’s. The recent wedding of the youngest member of the family, Mr. Kevin Pomroy to Elizabeth O’Dea of the Basilica Parish, was given prominence at the observance as it so fittingly completed the family circle and in the very year of their parents’ Golden Jubilee.

Bill and Theresa PomroyPomroy clan

Photo credits: Marjorie Pittman

Participating in the Mass of Concelebration with their son, Fr. William, were two priest brothers, Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Moakler, Parish Priest of Placentia and Rev. Fr. Michael Moakler of the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island. The choir was composed of the High School girls under the direction of Miss Maureen Barry. The church was crowded with the many friends of the couple and the family from the parish and elsewhere. At Communion time and in accordance with the beautiful new liturgy for this occasion the couple knelt together and received from the hands of their priestly son Holy Communion under both species. Fr. Thomas Moakler preached, taking as his theme the qualities of gold, beauty, value and durability, to exemplify the traits in the character of this good couple that had brought them and their family so successfully through fifty years of family living and resulted in a good life and love that had produced the kind of family they now had around them on this great occasion in their lives.

The Mass was followed by a banquet in the Parish Hall to which all the married couples in the community were invited. The toast to theJubilarians was given by Very Rev.Thomas Moakler. The toast to the family was proposed by Rev. Fr. Michael Moakler and response on behalf of the family by Mr. Ronald Pomeroy of Dunville. Speaking for his parents and brothers and sisters, Mr. Pomeroy thanked the priests for their participation in their family celebration and thanked the neighbours and friends of Merasheen for their fine cooperation. Mr. Pomeroy expressed the gratitude of his parents and the family to all their kind neighbours and friends who sent messages, cards, and gifts, especially to the neighbours on Merasheen who helped make the Golden Jubilee celebrations a joy to be long remembered. The family was grateful to Rev. Fr. Valentine Power, the Pastor of Merasheen for his personal interest and cooperation with the family and celebrations.

Following the banquet a dance was held and everyone agreed that it was the most successful “time in the hall” that anyone could remember for many years.

At a family gathering later in the evening Fr. Michael Moakler of Providence, R.I., who is an accomplished poet, entertained with a reading of his own Newfoundland poetry which he is presently compiling for publication. Fr. Michael, an American citizen, was born in St.John’s but grew up in the United States, returns for all his vacations and his love of “home" is very evident in his poetic creations.

The Monitor wishes to express to Mr. and Mrs. Pomroy and their fine family its congratulations on their Golden Jubilee with the wish that they enjoy many more years of family happiness.