Though they made homes for their families in other communities, Merasheen Island will always be the place they call home.
Homecoming - July 26-29, 2018

This booklet has been compiled to share in song how strongly the people of Merasheen felt about their homeland at the time of resettlement in 1967 and how they still feel about it today, 50 years later.

Their love for that way of life and the beauty of this island is evident in the lyrics that they wrote. They want to help preserve the memories of how life was lived back in those times. There is no doubt that their sentiments will be echoed for generations to come. The people who wrote these songs are happy to share them with their fellow Merasheeners. However they ask that you not use them in any other way than the purpose intended. They are the property of the people who wrote them. See note below!

Hopefully some of these songs will be sung during the weekend of celebrations.
Enjoy your homecoming celebrations!

Songs collected and compiled by Theresa Ennis.
Booklet prepared by Mike Rose (Tanya Ennis’ husband).
Thanks to all who contribued.

Remembering Merasheen
50 years, seems like a long time ago
As we sailed from our island, with our treasures in tow
Wondering where we were going as we sailed o’er the foam
Our goal was the same… to find a new home
Our beautiful church, now empty, where we gathered in prayer
The Hall that echoed music and dance is now quiet, because there’s nobody there
The Fish Plant almost closed because business is slow
Fishermen wondered----where will we all go?
Our old schoolhouse now with a forever clean slate
That held memories too large to fit in a crate
50 years later and we all sail the same foam
To return to our island, the place we call home
Greeting old neighbors, as a Rose or a Green
Remembering the loss of our loved ones
And most of all - Remembering Merasheen!

A beautiful poem written by Theresa Fulford expressing her sentiments about
leaving the home she loved so much.

Please Note: The songs within are the property of the authors.  If you as an author do NOT want these songs published here, please submit a request under the "Contact Info" section and we will remove the content without prejudice.

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