The following story was related to Marj Ennis-Pittman by her dad, Paddy Ennis, her aunt, Angela Ennis-Abbott and a lifetime family friend, Minnie Pittman-Murphy


In its heyday the outhouse by the school was the envy of Merasheen and the two—apartment structure had served the students faithfully for many years. The two-apartment layout was not for male and female as one would assume, but it served to separate the high and low schools. Students of the low school wouldn't dare think of using the space reserved for the high school students, and likewise the high school students wouldn't be caught dead using the lower school apartment (unless Mother Nature dictated otherwise).

After years of use and abuse, the dilapidated building was now perched precariously on its shaky foundation and the temptation to ‘do something about it’ proved too strong for a couple of idle young teenagers. Putting their backs into it, Paddy Ennis, Donald Pomroy, John Connors and Jim Pittman managed to knock down the outhouse and roll it halfways over the bank. This wasn't good enough for them. The next day, during recess, everyone got together and finished the job, and the outhouse landed by the head of Michael Pittman's wharf. Of course, by the time he came in from fishing, the culprits were nowhere in sight, and between the building floating in the water, and the stench coming from it, Michael Pittman couldn't get handy to the wharf.

Nothing was said about the matter and they thought they had gotten off scot free until one day, while they writing their exams, the police showed up at the school door. For their part in the prank they were fined $2 each, but they never paid up and are still in arrears.


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