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dedicated to preserving the unique history and heritage of Merasheen, one of the many resettled communities in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland.  It's been more than 5 decades Virgin Cove pissmaresince resettlement but hopefully this website can help keep the spirit of Merasheen alive. 

Social media sites are great at sharing information but permanence of the content is held hostage to changing group memberships and political differences of members.  Our sites aims to improve on that by making the content herein a permanent historical record for current and future generations.  Your contributions to expanding that content is welcomed and appreciated.

This website is a work-in-progress, continually adding to a body of work including booklets from several reunions, published articles, photos, music, local knowledge and ancestry information, both begged and borrowed from various sources.  Where possible, the sources for material are noted and very much appreciated. 

If you have original material such as stories, photographs, etc., we would love to share that information on this site.  Please contact me with any questions, comments, complaints or donations to support the website hosting and development tools by sending me an email from the About --> Contact Us link or connect with me by social media.

Other news: With registration of the domain name set to expire in June 2022, that site has now been rescued from shutdown and we are responsible for administration and support.  The website was the brainchild of Brian Hennessey who passed in July/2021.  Going forward, the underlying technology of the website has been upgraded and content is being revised to continue Brian's legacy.

If anyone else has interest in updating or creating material and/or maintaining either website, use the contact link above.  No website experience is required!


Ancestry Information using Webtrees

Check out the Family Connections link on the main menu for our database of ancestry information for Merasheen! The material is from the extensive genealogy work of Jack Pitcher and Peter Walsh and will open in a separate browser page! 

Currently there are two collections: Merasheen-connections and the Walsh family with information on more than 5000 individuals with charts, lists, reports, photos and calendar!

The starting point is an excellent search feature.  For example, a search on Walsh, by individual, for both family trees presents 198 individuals. Of course, there are overlaps and missing or incorrect information.  That's where you come in and we welcome your feedback!   If there are facts you can correct, information you can add or photos you can share, etc., please contact us either by selecting the contact persons listed at the bottom of each page or use the contact form on the main page.

A note on privacy: Living individuals are private and only their names are shown, dead individuals are public and all available information is shown. If there is insufficient information to determine whether the individual is living or dead, we assume that they are living.


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