by Basil Rose

Back when we were kids
Growing up in Merasheen
The things we did to amuse ourselves
Seemed very much routine.

Chasing sheep all around the meadow
Or climbing the ‘Slippery Gap“
Skipping rocks upon the sea
Or taking a winter's nap.

Some of the things we did
Would scare parents today
For they don't allow their kids
The freedom we had in ‘the bay“.

On many a winter's morning
We'd take our catty and go
Into the woods and cut the logs
So the fire in our stove would glow.

We couldn't wait to push our rig
To the top of the motor road
‘Cause that was when we got a rest
And let the Catty take the load.

Then later in the morning
Off to school we'd go
To light the fire in the pot-bellied stove
With wood and chunks of coal.

One morning me and Camillus
Went to school to light the fire
But when we had her nice and red  
‘Down she came". A holiday acquired.

Back when we were kids
Many kind folks we came to know
Pats Hynes comes first to mind
Because he taught me how to row.

Aunt Cis would send us to the store
For ‘bum paper" on a roll
With her money in our hands
Off to Jack Barry's we would stroll.

On Sunday morning bright and early
To church we'd proudly march
Dressed in our finest attire
With collars full of starch.

The afternoon was always reserved
For visiting family and friends
And rosary was said every night
Time to make amends.

Every one knelt on the floor
Trying hard to stay up straight
And when your father called your name
You'd better get the mysteries right.

Another day over in Merasheen
And off to bed we scurried
For a good night's sleep was needed
‘Cause tomorrow would come in a hurry.

And as I end my poem
There's one thing left to say
I'll write it in the final verse
For you to read today.

I have the names of everyone
Whose path touched mine and then
Left such a print of friendship
I want to touch again.
And it may sound fantastic
For me to make this claim
But I really feel I am composed
Of each remembered name.